Volunteering made easy

What’s it all about? Volunteering is the giving of time and energy which brings:

  • Benefits to society
  • Benefits to the individual or group you are helping
  • Benefits to you, the volunteer

What is in it for you? Although you are not paid to volunteer there is a lot more to gain than money!
Volunteering is a great way to:

  • Meet new people and make new friends
  • Try out something different
  • Pass on your skills to others
  • Get back into employment/education
  • Gain worthwhile experience for your CV
  • Access training and learn a new skill
  • Help others and have FUN!

How much time do I give? You choose how much time you want to give – from an hour a month to an hour a week to several hours a day, a bit more or a bit less – it’s your choice to give whatever time you want to.

Get in touch

Contact our Volunteer Development Officer Gail Duff to find out more about Volunteering or to arrange an appointment to come in and browse through the Volunteering Opportunities that are currently registered with us.

Gail Duff

e-mail – gail.duff@signpost-inc.org

phone – 01463 711393

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